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AENOR CertificationAENOR Certification

Quality policy of the
Estación Fitopatolóxica do Areeiro

The EFA direction is aware that quality systems are management tools that can help organizations both to control and improve their performance. Thus, in 2000 a quality system was implemented and after working with two quality systems (ISO 17025 and ISO 9001), we have taken the decision to focus our work on the maintenance of a single system (certification ISO 9000) and enlarge its scope to new activities. Thus, at present EFA is certified for the “Detection and identification of plant pathogenic fungi using molecular techniques: PCR, PCR-RFLP, Nested-PCR and SEQUENCING)” , “Physical and chemical analysis in kiwifruit (hardness, size, soluble solids, starch, total acidity and % dry matter)”, "Sampling, analysis and identification of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus by morphology and molecular techniques" and “Physical-chemical analysis of soils (soil pH and exchangeable cations)”. In the following years our aim is to enlarge the field of our activities within the scope of this quality system.

CThe Management wants to comply with the quality standard in:

  • CMeeting the requirements of the standards ISO/IEC 17.025 and ISO 9001.
  • Meeting legal and other application requirements.
  • Achieving the best quality in our assays, making sure that they are performed according to good professional practices, according to customer specifications and under an exhaustive quality control to guarantee its reliability.
  • Promoting the acquisition of natural and human resources needed for the development of our quality policy.
  • Implanting, maintaining and improving our quality system to be used as a useful and efficient tool for our management.
  • Performing a revision of the system at least once a year.

And wants to establish a laboratory quality policy according to the following objectives:

  • Satisfy the needs of our customer, regulatory board and the organizations involved in our recognition.
  • Improve the service rendered to our clients.
  • Achieve the best quality in our assays.
  • Ensure continuous staff training.